Union Real Estate Attorney

Representing New Jersey clients through real estate and estate planning

Joseph Gachko, Attorney at Law serves the people of Union and all of New Jersey with quality legal support regarding real estate, estate planning, and estate administration. The NJ firm handles all real estate matters for Union residents, including buying and selling property, FBSO transactions short sales, commercial real estate, and much more. If you need a knowledgeable attorney to help you with your estate matters, contact the office of Joseph Gachko, Esq. Attorney Gachko handles all estate planning matters, including wills, trusts, power of attorney, and healthcare directives. The firm also represents clients through estate administration and litigation, when necessary. If you need quality legal services from a dedicated legal professional, contact Joseph Gachko, Esq.

Union Real Estate

Joseph Gachko, Esq. is honored to be a legal resource for the people of Union, New Jersey regarding real estate and other legal matters. Union New Jersey is a diverse community with different sections that each have a wonderful identity. Together, Union’s residents make up one of the most quintessential New Jersey towns. Union is at the intersection of some of New Jersey’s most utilized roads. With such easy access to roads like the Garden State Parkway, Route 78 and the commercial center of Union on Route 22, residents of the town are at the center of most of New Jersey’s greatest attributes.

Commuting from Union to Joseph Gachko, Attorney at Law

Union clients enjoy the easy commute to Attorney Gachko’s office. Located only about 8 miles from Attorney Gachko’s office in Westfield, clients from Union often take The Garden State Parkway and Central Avenue to reach the firm. Once prospective clients become familiar with Attorney Gachko, they are happy that they picked the right firm. If you need quality legal services from a knowledgeable attorney, don’t hesitate to contact Joseph Gachko, Attorney at Law for a consultation.