Double Closing/ Same Day Transaction

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Guiding NJ clients selling and buying a home on the same day

For many of us, purchasing a new home depends on selling the old one. Needing the proceeds from the old house comes with a set of unforeseen obstacles that can impact your life goals. When both of these events occur on the same day, juggling the variables can be overwhelming. If successful, you would close on your home and buy your new house a few hours later. Many in the real estate world have heard the term “double closing” and some financial experts say to avoid them at all cost. Unfortunately, there are many hazards that can impact this transaction. Even so, many people successfully navigate through this process, moving from A to B with few issues and all within a day. If you need quality legal support through a same-day transaction, contact Joseph Gachko, Attorney at Law for a consultation. Our firm will make sure that the right documents are signed and address any obstacles as they arise through the day. We understand why you are choosing a double closing and have the experience to make it a success.

Why do people choose the double closing?

For many homebuyers, it is important to sell the old house before buying a new home. Many need to proceeds from the sale of their own home to afford the new one or get mortgage approval for a new home. Even though most people will sell a house on a separate day than buying a new house to provide a buffer to address problems, many people choose a double closing for a variety of reasons. The most obvious reason is the avoidance of a double move. They would like to avoid the need to stay with friends or family, rent an apartment in the interim, or even get a hotel. When you would like to take on the same-day transaction, it is important to consult with an attorney that can represent your interests leading up to and including that stressful day.

Contact a Westfield real estate agent with double closing experience

A same-day transaction is a massive undertaking. Many shy away from the double closing because of the many issues that can arise throughout the day. With the right legal support, you may be able to navigate around the pitfalls of the day and come out victorious. If you need an effective attorney that can help the process go without incident and ease your stress through the day, contact Joseph Gachko, Attorney at Law for a consultation today.