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Selling a home is a complicated matter. There are many factors to consider when selling real estate and having an effective and experienced attorney through the process is in your best interests. Joseph Gachko, Attorney at Law has over 30 years of experience guiding New Jersey clients through all real estate matters. If you are selling property, you need an attorney to help you navigate through the process and ensure that your rights are protected when you finally hand over the keys. If you need quality legal support, contact our firm for a consultation.

The Contract

When a buyer offers a bid that is attractive, the seller may wish to enter into a contract. The contract allows both parties to review the terms and decide on the offer. In New Jersey, if a realtor drafted a contract, it requires the addition of a 3-day attorney review provision, allowing for a lawyer to review the document before the contract is binding.

The 3-Day Attorney Review

If the contract was drafted by a realtor, it must include a 3-day attorney review provision that allows parties to terminate the contract within 3 business days of the signing. This time lets each party consult with their respective attorneys to review the terms of the contract, request revisions or modifications to the contract or reject the contract altogether. Once everyone is satisfied with the terms of the contract, the parties will sign a final addendum, making the contract binding. It is important to note that if a realtor does not draft the contract, signing the document makes it binding.

Home Inspection

Once the contract is signed and binding, the buyer will schedule an appointment with a home inspector to assess the condition of the house and document any issues that should be discussed. At this point, the buyer may make requests, including fixes to the house. It is important to have an attorney to review the requests and protect your rights through this part of the process.

The Closing

Once all of the major issues have been addressed and the funds are in order, the parties can engage in the finale of the transaction, the closing. At this point, the buyer will have another chance to conduct a walk-through of the property to ensure that nothing major has changed since the home inspection. Once everyone is satisfied with the transaction, the parties will sign documents authorizing the purchase of the home and the exchange of money. Some closings are conducted with the parties in the same room but there are no laws that mandate parties be in the same place to sign the closing documents. Many people send representation to act in their stead.

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Joseph Gachko, Esq. is honored to be a legal resource for clients in New Jersey who are selling real estate and need an effective and experienced attorney to represent their needs. If you are selling your home, you should retain the services of an attorney to protect your rights and interests through the process. Contact Joseph Gachko, Attorney at Law.